Meet Tim Kaine

From his work as a civil rights lawyer in Richmond to his time as the Senator from Virginia, Tim has always been driven by his values.

Where Tim stands

Tim has spent his entire career fighting to improve the lives of everyday Virginians. Learn more about how he’s taking on the issues that matter most to our Commonwealth in the U.S. Senate.

Good Jobs and a Strong Economy

Tim knows that our economy is strong when workers and families have access to good paying jobs, higher wages, and the skills to succeed and get ahead.

Strengthening Public Schools and Education

A good education is the foundation for a successful future, which is why Tim is a champion for our public schools.

Keeping America Safe and Strengthening Diplomacy

Our country is safer when we are strong on the world stage, which is why Tim has consistently spoken out against the Trump administration’s reckless foreign policy and the dangerous actions he’s taken to erode U.S. leadership around the world.

Supporting Veterans and Our Military

Tim believes our country must fulfill its sacred promise to care for those who have served in uniform.

Get the latest from Tim

Learn more about Team Kaine, find out what Tim is up to in the Senate, and keep up with how you can be involved.

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Tim may not be on the ballot this year, but our values are. Want to get more involved in your community? Click to find neighborhood organizing events near you.
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